Modern Warfare 3 Gets New Content For Elite Members

There are two brand new special ops missions for the content pack.

Black Box - A multiplayer level set in the South Californian hillside with half-built homes and the downed wreckage of Air Force One. Expect some close quarters combat as you push your way through a destroyed mansion estate. Black Ice €“ A Special Ops mission where after using a snowmobile to escape your foes, you have to plant high-grade explosives in order to shut down a perilous mine forever. Negotiator €“ A Special Ops mission where you head to India for a high-stakes hostage extraction. For those of you like me who enjoyed the breach and clear sections of the single player campaign, you're in luck. The Negotiator map appears to be overloaded with breaching segments and what's more fun than a slow-mo hostage rescue? What are you waiting on Elite subscribers make sure you check out the new content drop. If you happen to not be of the Elite persuasion, and you're playing Modern Warfare 3 like a bad habit, you might want to consider opting in for the elite service. Check out the video below teasing the new content, just in case the images aren't enough for your visual feasting.

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