Modern Warfare 3 Gets New Elite DLC

Infinity Ward is launching new DLC today for Xbox 360 Premium Elite subscribers.

Those of you unleashing thousands of rounds daily in Modern Warfare 3 will be happy to know that Infinity Ward is releasing brand new content today for Premium Elite subscribers on the Xbox 360. This will surely come as disappointing news for gamers everywhere, but at this point it's unfortunately expected that the content be limited by some means at launch. The new content will provide gamers with an additional Spec Ops mission called, Arctic Recon. In addition to the Spec Ops map, Infinity Ward will be adding the Vortex, U-Turn, and Intersection maps to the newly added Face Off mode. Those of you who were wishing for some solid multiplayer support, fear not, because Mark Rubin revealed that the rest of the downloadable content is set to be regular multiplayer additions. He also mentions that this batch of multiplayer maps will likely be the last of their support for Face Off content. Stay tuned for more information on when further Modern Warfare 3 content will be available, and when the brand new DLC will get an official release date for PS3. Will you be picking up the content today, or do you have to wait until it opens up for those of us who aren't quite as "Elite"? Source: IGN
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