Mortal Kombat 11: 10 Best Fatalities You Need To See

Test your... stomach?


A new Mortal Kombat means people want to see one thing and one thing only: Fatalities.

Players might want to jump in and see if there have been any changes to how their chosen Kombatant controls, but really they want to see the newest grisly finishers you'll be pulling off on your opponents, both on and online.

It's safe to say that Mortal Kombat 11 has not disappointed in this department, either. NetherRealm have made sure to get the most out of current-gen hardware with fatalities appearing grimmer than ever before. There's a variety of offer too, with finishers ranging from grimly comic offerings like Johnny and Cassie Cage's, through to some that are just flat-out gore-fests designed to make you squirm (looking at you, Kabal).

Here's a rundown of the best fatalities you have to see... providing you've a strong stomach.


10. Jax - "Still Got It"

NetherRealm Studios

Making his debut in Mortal Kombat II, Jax has is a veteran of the series, and still brings great fatalities with him to this day. His best in MK11 had to surpass the T-Wrecks from last year, and it definitely has.

"Still Got It" sees him slowly tear off one of the opponent's arms before using it smash their head up into the air. As it comes back down, the famed baseball organ trill plays in the background and he smashes the head (with the arm), launching it out the arena. His swing is so hard that it ends up peeling away their skin, leaving you with their disembodied skull front and centre as your reward.

Putting aside the debate over whether its fair to let a cybernetically-enhanced super-soldier play baseball, this is a fatality that combines NetherRealm's sense of humour with their desire to render the most anatomically correct and graphically impressive finishing moves in fighting games.

To perform the "Still Got It" you'll need the following inputs:

PS4 - Back, Forward, Down, Circle (Close)

Xbox - Back, Forward, Down, B (Close)

Switch - Back Forward, Down, A (Close)


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