Mortal Kombat 11: 5 Guest Characters We Want To See

Time to expand the field.


April is packed to the brim with huge releases across a variety of media. In the gaming world, perhaps nothing is more highly anticipated as Mortal Kombat 11, set to drop April 23rd. The 11th entry in the franchise will bring back many of the characters that have made this series so special and beloved.

Fans can also expect guest characters to be made available through DLC. The two previous MK games both featured special characters from other franchises, including comics and horror. Considering the success and reception following those titles, don't expect NetherRealm to do anything different.

We will see additional characters through DLC - the only question, is who they might and should be.

There are some characters that we would love to pit against the likes of Sub-Zero and Raiden. Characters seen on the big screen, in comics and even urban legend would be ideal as guests for the franchise.


5. Alucard


With over 30 entries, Castlevania is among some of the longest running video game series, but a franchise doesn't last this long without memorable characters like Alucard. Also known as Adrian Tepes, he is the half vampire son of Dracula and a protagonist of the Castlevania series.

Alucard's appeal has been proven yet again with the premiere of Netflix's Castlevania in 2017. Video game characters are not always as endearing when they make the jump to television, but Alucard did it with ease. His fierce defence of humanity when going up against his own kind puts his very human nature on display.

With that said, he is quite fierce. He has all the powers of your average vampire amplified by his close relation to Dracula. He is also a great swordsman and has the ability to assume the forms of a wolf, bat and mist. Using his wolf form in a Mortal Kombat fatality would be satisfying for fans everywhere.

There is also a case to add Dracula himself as DLC, but after 30 years of gameplay we're kind of attached to Alucard.


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