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There are many iconic fighter game franchises, such as Tekken and Street Fighter, but each is eclipsed by the mainstream popularity and success of Mortal Kombat. This arcade fighter became one of the biggest things in gaming thanks to its wealth of characters, blood, gore and heaps of controversy.

MK was originally developed by Midway Games in 1992, and since then, it's gone on to attain eleven mainline games and plenty of spin-offs.

Each of these brought something new and exciting to the table, even when they weren't the most polished. No matter what you get with MK, it's always full of violence and fun, due to the brutal fatalities, bright colours, and incredibly well-crafted story.

Thanks to the franchise's legacy and lengthy existence, the series has garnered a tonne of trivia and facts that many people might not recall.

Therefore, the most dedicated fans of the series can be weeded out here, as this incredibly difficult quiz will test your knowledge of the blood-infested games, and see just how big an MK fan you are.

1. Kabal's Real Name Is Goju Abiko

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