NBA 2K16: 8 Exciting New Gameplay Features

Passing, post-moves, collision detection and...foot-planting technology?

Revelations about NBA 2K16's development have developed largely around two things so far: the Spike Lee-led MyCareer revamp, and the introduction (or reintroduction) of various new features and game modes. Until earlier this week, little attention had been paid to the new instalment's actual gameplay - but a recently released interview with the developmental team has brought the wait to an end. All in all, these new gameplay features seem to be steps in a positive direction - and in one or two cases pretty innovative. Should they work as well as the developers intend, all the pieces are in place for this to be one of the most impressive instalments in the entire franchise - maybe even one of the most impressive basketball games ever. Here are eight new features promised by the 2K developers regarding gameplay.

8. Emphasis On Creating A 'Living World' During Games

The first major improvement promised by developers is the focus on creating a 'living world', incorporating more detailed interaction between players, appropriate fan reactions, and developing the unique identity of each team. 2K seem to have addressed the issue that, for all their real life differences, each team in the virtual world handles largely the same - the main difference simply being the ability of the players on the roster. This new emphasis upon differentiating each team from one another should see opposition squads run plays and react to situations in a more characteristic fashion; expect to see the Cavaliers allow LeBron James to carry the ball up the court, or the Lakers ship the ball to Kobe Bryant for a higher chunk of shots than he'd have taken in previous 2K instalments.
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