NBA 2K18: 10 Exciting New Features You Need To Know About

The best entry since NBA 2K11?


NBA 2K is such a storied and successful franchise, for years it hasn't had any major competition. Each entry is so good that releasing competing NBA titles is just futile. Yet, since 2017 will finally have a decent rival in NBA Live 18, the creators decided to step up their game and release a surprisingly expanded product.

2K got on the pedestal thanks to incredible attention to detail and devotion to realism. NBA 2K is not so much a video game as it is a very faithful simulation of the real thing, allowing the gamer to feel like they're taking control of an actual NBA franchise. The experience will be even more real now, since every feature of the game has undergone some sort of improvement.

Whether it's gameplay, modes, or presentation, it seems that NBA 2K18 will set new heights not only for basketball games, but sports games in general.

Honestly, the hype for this is so big, it may be justified to expect 2K18 surpassing the mighty NBA 2K11. Never afraid to take risks, 2K will undoubtedly make it a game to remember - hopefully for all the good reasons.

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