NBA 2K18: 10 Players Who Should Get A Stat Boost

Playoff kings, under-appreciated studs, and Russell Westbrook - duh.

2K Sports

Another blistering NBA season is in the books, and a new instalment of basketball's biggest video game franchise will closely follow. With the release of NBA 2K18 on the horizon, we're taking our annual look at the players who should find themselves significantly bolstered in the new game.

At first glance, this season was one of extremes - exquisite performances by Westbrook, Harden, LeBron and Durant overshadowing all the rest. Yes, those individuals shone brighter than most, but dig beneath the surface and you'll find a host of other potential candidates for acknowledgement, from defensive machine Rudy Gobert to diminutive point-scoring demon Isaiah Thomas.

Sure, all other teams were trampled by the Warriors and Cavaliers en route to their third successive shared final, but that doesn't mean only their stars are candidates for improvement. Yes, you'll find some huge, headline-grabbing names in this list, but keep an eye out for slightly less obvious candidates as well.

Overall, make sure you read closely. Not only will these players likely give you an edge over your opponents in 2K18, but they could well fit your personal style of play. Pay attention! Let's dive in.

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