NBA 2K18: 9 Best Teams You Should Play First

One hell of a summer makes this all VERY interesting.


As fans of the 2K franchise prepare for the game to hit shelves on the 15th of September, there will be plenty of buzz this week among players about which team they are going to go with from the off.

Every basketball fan who’s ever played the 2K series knows that despite the inclusion of new game modes and add-ons to classic modes (like MyCareer and MyTeam), one of the big draws comes from the chance to play with all new line-ups, fresh off a summer of trading.

This summer has seen one been one of the busiest and most exciting for years in the NBA in terms of trades and free agency. All-star names such as Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, and Gordon Hayward have all moved to pastures new, while the NBA draft spat out some exciting new talent in the form of Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz.

All this off-season movement and excitement will no doubt influence NBA 2K18 players into which team they go with, but just who is going to be the most exciting franchise to get your hands on?

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