NBA 2K18 Demo Hands-On: 4 Things We Learned

A very limited demo, which doesn't answer any questions.


The demo to one of the most anticipated sports games of the year has finally dropped, and it seemed that the competition facing NBA 2K18 this year would prompt 2K to step up their game on all fronts, even with this preliminary offering. Indeed, NBA Live 18 seems to still be a couple of steps away, but that doesn't mean that in two-three years it won't catch up to its (much) more esteemed peer.

Speaking of which, a chunk of 2K18 is available now, and besides letting you improve your player across a basketball park-themed practice mode, also features a recreation of the finals; a Game Seven-mode between the Warriors and the Cavaliers.

Finally having some competition, 2K Sports could feel at least threatened to the point to give the gamer something extra. Following the great additions to this year's edition, the hunger is bigger than ever. This is however a double-edged sword, because an unfulfilling demo could slow down the momentum 2K has otherwise built up through numerous announcements.

Unfortunately, this is partially the case with this year's The Prelude, even though such esteemed creators are allowed to get a free pass from time to time - especially since the final product will have the biggest roster in basketball video games history.

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