NBA 2K18 My GM Tips: 30 Franchise-Saving Trades You Must Make

30. Philadelphia 76ers

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Players out (position, rating, contract length/value, age):

Richaun Holmes PF 76 1yr + 1 team/$1.4M 23, Jerryd Bayless PG 73 2yrs/$17.5M 29, '18 2nd round pick

Players in:

Serge Ibaka PF 80 3 yrs/$65M 28, Delon Wright PG 73 1 yr + 1 team/$1.6M

Why it makes sense:

The trade with the Toronto Raptors makes the Sixers better right now, even gives them a chance to make the playoffs this season. By trading two bench players and a draft pick you get a backup point guard with the same rating and a reliable defender, who also really improves your offensive game.

Ibaka is still just 28, which will make him a vital contributor throughout his whole deal. After joining the Sixers he immediately becomes the team's best inside and mid-range shooter, and with the open three-point shot rated at 83, he deserves consideration for the team's best second-third scoring option as well.

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