NBA 2K18 MyTeam: 10 Bargain Players You Must Buy First

Everyone loves a good bargain.


NBA 2K18 has been in gamers hands for a week now and the consensus around the 2K community is that it delivers in the main, with plenty of new features a welcome boost to proceedings.

One aspect which has undergone a revamp is the popular MyTeam mode, where players collect virtual cards and build up their own team of superstars to compete in off and online challenges. Player cards are either earned through challenges, or more often than not bought in auction using the MyTeam coins (MT), or packs purchased with virtual currency (VC).

With MT at a premium at the beginning of the game, it’s important for players to look for bargains in the auction house to try and fill their roster with players who won’t break the bank, but can still lead them to victory.

It's not always about adding a Lebron James or a Kevin Durant from the off in 2K, and there are plenty of cheap gems in this year’s game across all positions to give your team enough to get plenty of wins on the board.

While they might not be the most glamorous of players, these underrated gems can lead you to victory.

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