NBA 2K18: Predicting The 20 Highest-Rated Players

18. Marc Gasol

2K Games

Previous Rating: 85

Predicted Rating: 90

Key 2015/16 Stats: PPG: 16.6, APG: 3.8

Key 2016/17 Stats: PPG: 19.5, APG: 4.6

At age 31, Marc Gasol noted the highest scoring and passing averages of his professional career. When given a bigger role on offense, the center responded in the best way possible, which suggests that his stats will improve even more.

Making Gasol the best passing big man in NBA2K18 makes a lot of sense, as he'll undoubtedly continue to develop his ball-moving skills. Simultaneously, his defense was as good as ever, so his defensive awareness, blocking, and rebounds should stay the same.


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