NBA 2K18 Review: 5 Ups & 2 Downs

Probably the best basketball video game ever made.


NBA 2K18 was one of the most anticipated sports games of the year, and its release on Sept. 15th was welcomed with great fanfare. Rightfully so, because the game meets most of its lofty expectations, just as it has done year after year.

Creating such a successful franchise is a double-edged sword the longer it goes on, because fan demands sometimes rise to inexplicable levels. 2K's NBA games are so good and polished already, overall a new entry can only improve gradually each year, yet potentially minor elements may not seem enough for fans who mostly know what to expect.

NBA 2K18 is great, with changes visible at first sight, however, it's not without flaw - not to the point of stripping it of the title of the best sports game of the year, anyway. At least not until FIFA 18 comes out.

Every NBA 2K fan knows what to expect and the game delivers on its promise of being the best basketball video game simulation on the market. This year's version is more true to the experience of an authentic basketball game than ever, which should rightfully make it the best basketball video game in history.

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