NBA 2K18 Vs. NBA Live 18 - Which Game Is Better?

You probably know who wins this one.


Comparing the two premiere basketball games of 2017 may seem unfair, as right now you probably already know which game is going to emerge triumphant. However, the victory is not unanimous, nor even as decisive as you might expect. When getting into the details, it occurs that the EA Sports product isn't anywhere near as bad as one might assume.

2K games have been dominant in regards to basketball video games in the past, and it seems things will stay that way at least for a few more years, but let's not bury NBA Live's chances at winning some categories just yet. In some cases the difference between the two isn't as one-sided as it sounds, which makes picking between the two pretty hard.

The decision as to whether NBA 2K18 or NBA Live 18 is a better fit for you is based on expectations, and these were also taken into account when determining the winner of several topics. When it comes to an overall winner, the fact that only one of the two can satisfy novices and hardcore basketball fans - as well or is used to determine outcomes of real-life games/trades - is reason enough to give that game the nod.

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