NBA 2K19: 8 New Features You Need To Know

20th Anniversary Edition or not, 2K refuse to rest on their laurels...

NBA 2K19
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As anyone who spent longer than a few hours with the thing will tell you (probably loudly), NBA 2K18 was a bit of a watershed moment for the series. It looked good, 2K's basketball games always have, but the tiresome flaunting of microtransactions and some stale gameplay that was just a little too proud of its own animation cycles held it back.

Don't be fooled into thinking it was a bad game though, because it wasn't. The series just needed a fresh coat of paint gameplay wise and a little less focus on VC to make it more accessible. Finally, if early-build previews are anything to go by, 2K look to have nailed it.

2K19 could be the game this series has needed on the court for years.

The stunning presentation off it, always razor sharp and almost embarrassingly good compared to some other sports titles, has been let down over the past few entries by graphical hitches. Some other subtle things missing from the core gameplay were irksome too.

It's a good thing then that 2K are determined to make 2K19 as perfect as possible. They've built on top of 2K18's successes, and (most importantly) they're listening to fans...

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