NBA 2K20: 10 Players We Can't Wait To Get Our Hands On

A stacked draft with potential superstars has our mouths watering.

2K Sports

It's less than four weeks until 2K Sports bring us the latest instalment in the most successful basketball gaming franchise on the planet.

The NBA 2K franchise has developed a hardened and passionate fanbase which continually drives the game's popularity, while the addition of the offiical 2K League has taken the game to new heights.

With so many game modes on offer within 2K's games, it can be hard at times to find time to play the standard play now modes ahead of the likes of MyTeam and MyCareer. Still, Play Now does have plenty of regular players and with a host of new young stars added to the game following the 2019 draft, excitement will be high among both gamers old and new.

Last year saw a host of fresh talent introduced to the game. The likes of Luka Doncic and Michael Porter Jr became two of the better young players in the game, especially in MyTeam.

Just like watching the opening few games of the NBA season proper brings an element of the unknown, the same can be said for the first few hours of 2K as people look to try out what's new...


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