NBA 2K20: 10 Surprising Player Ratings Already Confirmed

The King, The Klaw, The Splash Brothers...who comes out on top in 2K's latest offering.

2K Games

We are just a month away from the latest effort from 2K brings us on the basketball court.

2K19 saw the developers make big strides in the game following a somewhat disappointing effort back in 2018, and modes like MyTeam and MyPark stood the test of time, with plenty of players still booting up their systems to shoot some virtual hoops.

Excitement then is understandably high for 2K20, with plenty of promises and reveals already about what we can expect from gameplay.

But what about the players? The guys and girls who ultimately make the game and entice us gamers into logging on and giving them run-out on the hardcourt.

The most frantic free-agency in recent memory means this year's edition of 2K gives players the chance to run completely new lineups in some instances. The New Orleans Pelicans have added quantity and youth following their monster trade of Anthony Davis, while the LA Clippers shocked the world and added both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to the roster.

Who is coming out on top, and who's been undersold by 2K this year? There are certainly a few player ratings up for discussion...



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