NBA 2K20: 7 New MyTeam Features Revealed

MyTeam players should be seriously excited for 2K20...

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NBA 2K20 hits shelves in under two weeks, with the game expected to build on the massive success 2K19 enjoyed.

A plethora of new players, game modes, and features will once again be the early talking points in the game, but the revamped MyTeam mode is garnering plenty of excitement too.

2K has a huge community of MyTeam players who are essentially their own sub community within the vast world of 2K.

MyTeam has always been the ultimate fantasy mode within 2K and gives players the chance to build their very own squad of players who they have only been able to dream of putting together.

Last year's effort provided a massive step up in terms of content from the game developers. New cards were consistently introduced in the game right up until just last month, while the Triple Threat Online mode proved hugely popular among casual players.

MyTeam has a lot to live up to heading into 2020 then, but the latest information coming from 2K suggests that we could be in for the best year yet.

Whether it's unlockable content, challenges, or simply lots of different options within the mode, MyTeam in 2K20 looks to be well on the way to ticking the boxes.

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