NBA 2K21: 10 Things We Already Know

MyTEAM transferring between generations, more WNBA focus, new dunks, and more.


Considering how strange 2020 has been thus far, it would have been easy for 2K to use this as a reason not to release the next instalment in their beloved NBA franchise in its usual early September slot, especially when you add in the fact they're working on getting a next-gen version of the game ready in time for the Christmas season.

Despite this, however, NBA 2K21 will indeed be going ahead as originally planned, with a release date of Friday, 4 September for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. At the time of writing, that means it'll release two weeks from Friday.

NBA 2K20 was a step in the right direction in most parts, featuring WNBA players for the first time, whereas both the MyCAREER and MyGM modes were truly superb last time around. Based on what we've been told about this year's instalment, it's looking like this could be set to continue, whereas the jump to next-gen later this year will allow the developers to give us something even better than we could imagine.

As we wait (im)patiently for another two and a bit weeks, let's dive through all we currently know regarding NBA 2K21.

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