Neflix's Castlevania: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

The MVPs of Netflix's latest hit.

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As the newest addition to the Netflix's lineup of original series', Castlevania is a rather exceptional show that stays true to the source material while very much doing its own thing. Good adaptations of video games into TV or film are very rare, so this is one to truly be appreciated.

To that end, Castlevania's successes are due in no small part to its entertaining cast of characters. In fact, the 'worst to best' convention seems a bit harsh here, because to be frank, none of the characters here are actually 'bad', per se.

However, if this show has one fault, it's that it's far too short, with the entire first season clocking in at roughly one hundred minutes. Because of this, there are definitely characters who weren't as good as others, simply because they didn't have the time to be.

Although, that's not to say that the great characters in this show didn't acquire their reputations on their own merit, nor that even those with very little screentime weren't able to adequately impress.

The following heroes and villains truly made the most of Castlevania's inaugural season, even if it was short and sweet.

7. The Elder

castlevania alucard

As stated before, there are really no overtly bad characters, but out of the main cast, The Elder is definitely the least interesting.

He has a few great one liners and he's entertaining enough whenever he's on screen, but in addition to not even being given a proper name, he also is one of the big sufferers from the show's short runtime.

Although, to be fair, he was never really meant to be a huge deal, and more than anything else, he was simply there as a means for Trevor to meet Sypha. And to his credit, he was also one of the key voices in Trevor's ear that helped him realize it's time to stop running away and face his literal demons.

In short, the Elder served his purpose. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

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