Netflix's The Witcher: Why Jaskier Should Replace Triss In The Love Triangle

Coins shouldn't be all he's tossing to his Witcher...


Joey Batey’s Jaskier was easily the best part of the first season of Netflix's Witcher adaptation. He was wonderfully charming, his songs, while inaccurate (that’s Geralt’s tutting you can hear on the wind), were torturously catchy and, on top of all that, he worked as a perfect companion to Henry Cavill’s moody, monosyllabic monster slayer.

He was so perfect a companion in fact, that many a fan have suggested he and the Witcher should become more than the friends they are usually portrayed as. This is a suggestion that I personally agree with; but I think Netflix should go even further than that and have the bard replace Triss Merigold in this version of the franchise’s central love triangle. I know, I know – it’s a massive change. And yet, with all the massive changes from the books that the Netflix version has already made, what’s one more?

Witcher purists have already been angered by the first season’s diversions so, really, what’s the harm in a little fanservice for those actually on-board with the series? Still not convinced? Well, let me try and remedy that…

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