NeverDead Launches This Friday

Preview for Konami's upcoming supernatural third person actioner, which is released in Europe on 3rd February.

Game Features Live forever and become immortal through a unique decapitation and regeneration mechanic that offers a different approach to 3rd Person Action gameplay. Detach your arm and use it as an exploding detonation device against the enemy, or tear off your head and use it as a scout within the level design. Fight in critical situations making use of the hero's immortality! Get electrocuted and shoot electric bullets, catch on fire and use your body as a light source, fight enemies in a hurricane or on the highway among passing cars and several other invigorating environments. Combination of various weaponry at your disposal including an array of guns for long-range attacks. Whip out the Butterly Blade to slash and destroy what is in front of you. Online co-operative and competitive "Challenges" against the enemy or each other. Play with up to 4 players and outwit those you're going against using the decapitation/regeneration elements as strategy. Destroy the world you are in as wide-ranging destructible environments will influence how players take out the enemy. Large-scale destruction includes entire buildings, or smaller-scale destruction with pillars, the floor and interior wall sections. Enhance character abilities with an experience leveling system that ramps up player abilities, weapon power and unlocking content within the game. Here's a further run-down of the game's details:

In NeverDead, players are cast as the immortal Bryce Boltzmann, a tragic hero who has endured years of suffering following the murder of his wife at the hands of Astaroth, the Demon King. Moving aimlessly through life and lost in alcohol, Bryce seeks revenge alongside his partner Arcadia as they carry out jobs for the National Anti-Demon Agency (NADA), exterminating modern day demonic incursions. Players make use of NeverDead hero€™s immortality to tackle obstacles featuring the new and often gruesome dismemberment and regeneration mechanic. Players can rip off an arm to explode a detonation device against an enemy, tear off Bryce€™s head to scout the level, shoot electrified bullets by getting electrocuted, and brutalize Bryce in a number of ways to discover what abilities he possesses. Similarly, NeverDead enjoys a series of fully interactive environments, where areas can be brought crashing down as Bryce tackles his demonic adversaries. NeverDead also includes online co-operative and competitive modes where teams of up to four players can compete against each other or the enemy. The destruction of entire buildings, pillars, floors and interior wall sections adds elements of strategy and various abilities needed to destroy the opposition. Gamers seeking more NeverDead thrills will be able to expand their online experience with exciting downloadable content, including new characters and additional missions within the multiplayer mode. More information on downloadable content will be announced later.
NeverDead is available Friday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation3.


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