New AEW Console Game Footage Showcases Darby Allin

New clip shows Darby Allin in All Elite action!

Darby Allin AEW Video Game

With AEW fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the company’s first to-be-titled console game, we’ve now been given a glimpse at Darby Allin’s character model in this release and some brief gameplay footage featuring the former AEW TNT Champion.

From the AEW Games Twitter account, a Kenny Omega-voiced video showcases Allin in action against a generic dummy character.

It may only be a 33-second clip, but the above is sure to have AEW fans and gamers excited at the prospect of being able to take control of Allin and his reckless abandonment in this upcoming release.

At this stage, this video game offering has yet to be given a release date, title or have too many solid details released about it. What we do know is that All Elite Wrestling has teamed with Yuke’s on this project and that Tony Khan’s promotion is investing substantially in its games division – with AEW referee Aubrey Edwards heading up any and all things video games.


Elsewhere away from this console offering, AEW has already put out the AEW Casino: Double or Nothing mobile game and has AEW Elite GM on the horizon.

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