New Agent 47 Poster Will Make Hitman Fans Weep

Your number is up.

Agent 47 New Poster Judging by the latest one sheet for Agent 47, that familiar trend of having heroes turn their back on us doesn€™t look to be dying any time soon. On quick inspection though, now might not the best time to give the chrome-domed death bringer a tap on the shoulder, what with the small army and copy and pasted choppah€™s he€™s facing off against. Looking to be as stealthy as a wet fart in a crowded lift, Rupert Friend€™s take on the iconic assassin sees Agent 47 hunting for clues to his origins, which sees him set his sights on Katia Van Dees (Hannah Ware), the daughter of the scientist responsible for the €˜Agent Program€™. Keeping her out of harms way is John Smith (Zachary Quinto), who is definitely a bad guy with a name as despicably dull as that. Just like peace, I€™m willing to give films a chance, and if you stripped away the property Agent 47 is based on, this might be an alright watch. Of course, doing so would rid the purpose of this entire production, which looks to be a mile away from what fans are hoping for. Keep your fingers crossed and controllers close to your chest that the likes of Michael Fassbender€™s Assassin€™s Creed and Tom Hardy€™s Splinter Cell may lift the curse of video game adaptations. Agent 47 probably won€™t when it arrives in August this year.
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