New Character for PlayStation All-Stars Revealed?

Yorda possibly a character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal?

Now at this time this is just rumor and speculation but a picture (above) has shown up from the NeoGAF forums that may indicate Yorda from ICO may be on the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal roster. In the picture which was released when the initial leak for the game came out, it shows on the left side a women being designed and on the right a image from ICO. You can kind of see on the left side a image taken from ICO matching the image on the right side. Now whether or not the character is Yorda is unknown but it is a possibility. It would make sense considering why else would the designer have a image from ICO on their computer while designing another female character? As of right now there are only six characters that have been revealed and Sony has just given the obligatory we will reveal more characters in the near future. In other words, expect most of the characters to be announced at E3 in the coming months. So as of right now this can be filed in the rumored charters section but at least there is some evidence pointing in direction for Yorda to be included in the All-Stars Battle Royal roster. What do you think is this enough proof for you or is this too much speculation?

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