New Details Revealed Regarding AEW Games

AEW Games' 2.Show presentation offered up some further gaming details.

AEW Elite General Manager

Following on from AEW Games' initial presentation on 10 November, Kenny Omega returned for the franchise's 2.Show presentation alongside Kip Sabian. There, the AEW World Champion had a few tidbits of information to divulge regarding the console game being worked on by YUKE's.

As confirmed by 'The Best Bout Machine', both create-a-wrestler mode and online play will be a part of the game. Online play will allow you to play both with friends and against fellow players from around the world. What was interesting here is that Kenny is hopeful the game will have cross-play functions, meaning players on the PlayStation 5 will have access to play opposite those on Xbox Series X/S, for example.

Furthermore, Omega stated the game will be a bit of a mix between arcade and more simulation-based wrestling games. He is expecting the game will have the speed of an arcade game, while the actual gameplay will feel more like a simulation.


As for the brand's other games, referee Aubrey Edwards revealed a new feature for the Elite General Manager mobile game. Titled the Gimmick System, weapons and other assorted items can be placed on any given wrestler. These can then boost a wrestler's stats, increasing their chances of winning their match, as well as affecting the match's overall popularity level on a star-based ranking.

For what it's worth, Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, Darby Allin, Joey Janela, Orange Cassidy, and MJF were confirmed as playable characters for the game. Meanwhile, a sledgehammer, a steel chair, some thumbtacks, and Sue's van (!) were all revealed as some of the gimmicks on offer.


Unfortunately, an official release date for the console game couldn't be offered up by the AEW World Champion quite yet, but fans should expect a long wait; this game won't be hitting shelves until every single detail is fine-tuned. As for Elite General Manager, though? That will drop in "60 days or less", meaning fans will be able to play the game by 7 March at the latest.

See below for the full presentation on the AEW Games YouTube channel:


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