New Insomniac Trademarks Hints at New Game

They have just trademarked "Space Beasts" and "Galaxy Beasts" within the USA.

Insomniac Games is a busy company, they just released Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, are working on their first multiplatform game Overstrike, and now they might be working on another new game. They have just trademarked "Space Beasts" and "Galaxy Beasts" within the USA. Now this could normally mean they are creating anything; however the trademarks are specifically for video game software and online games only. These trademarks could be for one or multiple games we just don't know yet. Insomniac announced earlier this year a Facebook gaming division called Click, and these trademarks may have something to do with the first social media games that they are creating. However, this is all just speculation, I just think it is more likely a Facebook game than another triple-A title. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it does seem like Insomniac Games will be producing another game, we just don't know whether it is a Facebook type game or another major triple-A title. What would you like to see Insomniac Games work on next?

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