New PS4 Rumors: No Backwards Compatibility or Used Games

Microsoft may not be the only console next generation with anti used gaming technology.

Today more rumors from an unnamed source have surfaced about the future Sony console the PS4. According to the source the system is code named Orbis and will launch sometime during the 2013 holiday season. In addition, supposedly the specs of the system are " AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU". Certain developers have already received dev kits earlier this year and updated dev kits a few weeks ago during GDC (Game Developers Conference). Now here comes the bad news according to the source there will be no backwards compatibility for the PS4. Also you will not be able to play used games as the PS4 will supposedly have a anti used gaming system. Apparenlty what is being proposed is once a game is put into the console it links directly with your PSN account and the game can no longer be shared with other people. For this to work though Sony will need users to stay connected to the internet constantly and unfortunately that is what is being proposed here; according to the source you will need to stay connected to the internet and PSN constantly to "get the thing started". If you buy a used PS4 game you will be restricted to supposedly only a trial version of the game an most likely have to pay a fee to open the whole game. As to whether this source is true here is what Kotaku says:
"come from a reliable source who is not authorized to talk publically about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information with before."
Unfortunately, I tend to believe this rumor the whole connect a game to your PSN account sounds too reasonable not to be true. At this point it is going to be who blinks first, what I mean by that is the console system that provides the first anti used gaming technology will get top billing from publishers. For example, do you think EA will produce games for a new Microsoft console that doesn't have anti used gaming technology when Sony has anti used gaming technology built into the PS4? Hell no, I have this unsettling feeling that whoever doesn't have anti used gaming technology next time around will literally be blackmailed by third party developers like EA and Activision to include it or else. What do you think, do you agree with me that publishers will start blackmailing console developers to have anti used gaming technology? Keep up with all of our Playstation 4 coverage here.

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