New Screens for Persona 4: The Golden

New screens from Atlus for Persona 4: The Golden have been released.

With the release of the Vita in Japan and the anime based on the game currently airing, promotion of theremake of Persona 4 from Atlus for the Vita has been stepped up. While it isn't a launch title, it is certainly highly anticipated for fans of the series. Several new images have been released for the game including showing the group at the new beach setting, a couple of battle screens of Yukiko in what appears to be a maid costume, and also a screen of the new character to the handheld version, Marie, interacting with the established characters. As to be expected, and as has been the case with their other handheld conversions, Persona 4: The Golden is looking good. From what has been released so far it looks like old fans and newcomers to the game alike will have something to enjoy, with new features that will add rather than detract from the game as a whole. Set to release in Japan in the spring of next year, fingers crossed that Atlus will follow suit with their other portable releases and allow companies such as Ghostlight to publish the game outside Japan.
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