New screenshots are out for Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

Konami have released more screens for the Playstation Vita exclusive, Silent Hill: Book of Memories. While not a huge amount is know yet about the portable game, it will be the first in the series to allow co-op gameplay, with the player able to explore the otherworlds with help. It is said that in the game you recieve a book, and this book contains your entire life story written on the pages. However, you are able to to write the book, and thus alter reality. Whether these screens contain all the 'otherworlds' or not remains to be seen, I would imagine we could have more in store for us. The names of the worlds are also up for speculation, unless they are just left to be called 'Water World' and so on which could be a little nod to the Water Prison world as seen in SH4. As can be seen it is very much a top-down game, different to what most Silent Hill players are used to, but I am hopeful that the game will deliver the same feeling the series is known for. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is set to be released February 2012 on the PS Vita.

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