New Star Trek Game Teaser Trailer

The promised teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Trek video game from Digital Extremes is here.

So here we have the promised teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Trek video game from Digital Extremes.

The trailer gives hints at what the game will be like but because it's only the first teaser in what will be a major push by the publisher Bandai/Namco before next years spring release, there is nothing substantial from what we haven't figured out already.

The clip is only a minute long and chunk of that is taken up by the "credits" so it's a very small tease. Watch it below;

As you know, the game will centre around Kirk and Spock so you see them both in lots of action. They appear to have various costume changes from space suits to a yellow suit of some description. The game looks like it will have some platforming elements and the graphics are very reminiscent of Mass Effect which isnt a bad thing. And that's about it.

People who have played the demo say the game is shaping up nicely and it's good that they didn't rush it as a tie in with the 2009 film. But as teasers go, it's not on par with other trailers that leave you salivating for more and I say that as a huge Star Trek fan.

I do feel more could have been done to get you excited for the game and there's not much there to actually form an opinion either way but the intention at this stage is probably more about raising awareness of the game rather than anything else.

So check out the teaser and new concept art below and see if it leaves you wanting more.

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