New Super Mario Bros 2 Announced For August Release On 3DS

Nintendo announce sequel to the 3DS best-seller coming in August and in 2D.

After hinting back in January that they would be announcing a second game in the New Super Mario sub-series, Nintendo have officially announced that the sequel will be coming - in 2D - to the 3DS. The game was announced thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct video, with some hints at what players can expect, including the appearance of Luigi, and the fan favourite raccoon suit that first appeared back in Super Mario 3. It's an exciting prospect given how much fun the original game was, and it is an announcement that might well lead to many more 3DS sales, which can only be a good thing for fans and the game dev giant alike. Here's the announcement in full, including some screens. It's not in English, but you can get some idea of what the game might look like from the visuals: And here's a couple of screenshots lifted out of the video: The original game sold a massive 27 million copies, and Nintendo will be hoping that the sequel will help kick on sales of the 3DS when it arrives later in the year. If you are so inclined you can watch the whole Nintendo Direct video (at about an hour long it's only really advised for Japanese speakers or the hugely curious) by clicking here. New Super Mario Bros 2 will be released in Japan in August 2012, and a US and European release to follow.
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