New Superman Game: Leaked Image Proves Development Is Underway

Batman: Arkham Origins team set to helm the project.

Have you seen the overwhelming amount of Superman-related easter eggs in Batman: Arkham Knight? There are answering machine messages from Lex Luthor if you head up to Wayne Tower, random goon chatter talking about "That freak from Metropolis", LexCorp towers dominating the skyline - it's very clear that even though Rocksteady have said they're completely done with The Dark Knight and anything Gotham-related, Bats now exists in a far wider universe of characters than just his own. However, recently a thread on NeoGAF posited it was instead Warner Bros. Montreal who are behind the above screenshot - also known as the developers behind the divisive Arkham Origins. The studio have previously been on a recruitment drive to bolster their team size, a company mission statement reading that they are €œA passionate dev team developing DC Comics-focused AAA games that evolve and celebrate the legendary brands of Warner Bros.€ It sure sounds like Superman would be right at home. So far the image has been accompanied by some very brief footage of the character selection screen in question - begging the question of whether this could be something else entirely, such as a Suicide Squad tie-in with Supes as DLC, a Justice League game or an unlockable skin for whatever the next Arkham sequel is - as we know Warner Bros. Montreal will be putting one together at some point.
Let us know in the comments what you think of this, if you like the render of Kal-El seen here, and what sort of game you think would fit him best!
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