New Xbox Console Named Xbox Infinity?

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 15.06.58 The next generation of Microsofts gaming platform will be called the "Xbox Infinity"... perhaps. An allegedly leaked image, shows the supposed new logo and name of the console, which is due to be officially unveiled later this month. The simple image was posted to reddit earlier this week. The picture shows the word "XBOX" followed by the infinity symbol. Underneath is the slogan; "Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities", suggesting that Microsoft are reenforcing their vision of the Xbox as an entertainment hub as well as their half hearted tagline writing skills. This is followed but the inevitable attempt to get social media a blaze with the twitter hashtag "#XboxInfinity". All of this could indeed be the real thing, the colours and the concept and design are all what we have come to expect from Microsoft. The image looks simular to the invitation Microsoft sent out to it's next generation console unveiling on the 21st of May. But the overall simplicity means that it would be very easy for anyone to mock-up such an image. There is another picture that has been making the internet rounds, this time originating from an allusive twitter account before being brought to light by Forbes. This image shows a redesigned "X", logo followed by the tagline "Introducing a new way to play". While giving no hint as to the name of the console (other than adding to the rumour that Microsoft may opt to reset the series by naming the console "Xbox").


The image looks to be a photograph, taken of a screen or projection, perhaps showing that the image could be genuine or just a slightly more thought-out hoax. The new "X", logo looks almost medical and the "Xbox", text has been relegated to lower case. Microsoft have apparently kept the green of the 360 era and also gone for a dull tagline that tells the gamer nothing. Which of these two images could prove to be the next generation of Xbox, or are they both just an internet hoax? Which one would you prefer?
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