NI NO KUNI Coming to North America Early 2012

This game is a pretty big deal because it is the first game ever made by the great Studio Ghibli!

trailer for one of the most beautiful games in development Ni no Kuni. Well it seems today we have some good news to report about the game; it will be released in North America early next year. This game is a pretty big deal because it is the first game ever made by the great Studio Ghibli (Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle,Spirited Away, ect..). The game will be released exclusively to the PS3 by Level-5, the people behind the Professor Layton series.

"During a Sony Computer Entertainment Asia press conference near Tokyo Game Show 2011's venue, Level-5 president Akihiro Hino today mentioned during an interview panel that an English version of the game is in production, and confirmed its release window."
Here is a quick description of what this game is all about:
"...players control Oliver, a 13-year old boy who is transported into the world called Ninokuni which is a parallel reality of his own world. He is on a quest to revive his recently deceased mother and is accompanied by a male fairy called Shizuku."
Here is the trailer for the game in case you missed it: The game has no set North American release date other than early 2012; in addition, there is no mention of a European release date however, with the publicity that this game has garnered because of Studio Ghibli's involvement it will more than likely be just a matter of time before it is released in Europe.


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