Nightwing Is Batman: Arkham City's Fourth Playable Character

PS3 Trophies releases a list of Trophies for Rocksteady's upcoming sequel that confirm Dick Grayson as a playable character.

A Playstation Trophy List for Arkham City posted by PS3Trophies has revealed that the fourth playable character for the game is former Robin dick Grayson, otherwise known as Nightwing. Previous news had confirmed that alongside the Bat, players would be able to roam the streets of Arkham as Catwoman and Robin, and now, as fans have long predicted, Nightwing (the best of Batman's "sidekicks" in my opinion) joins them. That image above details two of the Trophies available for PS3 users, and suggests that Nightwing will be a playable character in the game's Challenge mode, in both ranked challenge maps as well as the new campaign challenge maps. Whether that means that Nightwing will be a DLC or a retailer-exclusive, as with Robin (who will later become the subject of a DLC pack) has yet to be officially confirmed from Rocksteady, but the hints would seem that he will follow the trend set by Robin. This news will likely appease die-hard fans, and may also suggest further potential in future for spin-off games starring the character in his own right, since he isn't exclusively part of Batman's team. There's also the fact that both Nightwing and Catwoman's combat styles will open up a whole new fight mechanic within the game - though Robin is set to follow in the stylistic footsteps of his mentor. Assuming confirmation is forthcoming from Rocksteady, expect trailers for both Grayson's Nightwing and Drake's Robin in the coming days before this month's release. Arkham City is released on October 21st for XBox 360, PS3 and PC. Pre-order it now, seriously.
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