Nintendo 3DS Sales Total 6.68 Million Consoles

That is actually better than what the original Nintendo DS did in the same amount of time and is way better than early projections.

Yesterday Nintendoannounced they had taken a huge net loss for the company: "Nintendo posted a net loss of some 70.3 billion yen ($926 million) for the six months to September 30 2011."; but today however the news is a little better. According to reports the Nintendo 3DS has done better than expected, the system has sold approximately 6.68 million consoles and that is actually better than what the oringinal Nintendo DS did in the same amount of time. However, you do have to take into account that the original DS launch was kind of a mess; there was actually a five month time period in between the launches of Japanese, American and European versions of the system. Not to mention while the price cut did help increase the sales of the system, this is the first Nintendo system that is actually being sold at a loss. Meaning for every 3DS that is sold right now Nintendo takes a loss because the cost of the system is more than what they are actually selling it for price wise. The real interesting battle will be when the PS Vita launches, will it affect Nintendo 3DS sales at all or will 3DS sales start to grow even faster as the holiday season nears?
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