Nintendo Switch: 10 Obvious Flaws That Need Fixing

9. Bluetooth Support

Switch mario sunshine

Speaking of being able to watch stuff on your Switch, wouldn't it be nice if the console had ACTUAL Bluetooth support? Most "pro-gamers" these days own a ridiculously expensive pair of Bluetooth ready headphones - headphones that work great with your phone, or your PC, or your PS4, or your Xbox One... but not your £280 Nintendo Switch.

The weird thing is, the Switch does have Bluetooth support. It uses it to pair the Joycons to the system. So what exactly is stopping the console from connecting your headphones to it as well?

Nintendo did actually release a workaround for this problem in its 4.0.0 update, but that workaround requires you to buy some kind of third-party USB-to-USB-C connector if your headset doesn't come with one as standard.

Your bog-standard USB-to-USB-C adapter will probably only set you back about £5, but having to Frankenstein two pieces of ridiculously expensive equipment together in 2020 is honestly laughable.

Why the console didn't ship with bluetooth support fully realized from day one is, yet again, a mystery (especially considering Nintendo's competitors managed to achieve the same feat back in 2013) but here's hoping a Switch 2.0 will fix this problem.


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