Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers - Everything You Need To Know

Is this deal worth your money?


Nintendo's latest Mario Maker 2 Direct gave us a lot of new details about everyone's favorite level generator. One of the most interesting wasn't about the game itself, but rather, one of the methods you could use to purchase it.

Called "Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers", these are a pair of money-savers that came out of absolutely nowhere.

You can purchase them online or in the Nintendo eShop for $99.99. After that, you can use these vouchers to purchase two Nintendo Switch games that are normally priced at $59.99 each. It won't save you a whole lot of money, but at least it's Nintendo-certified. Besides, it's always helpful when the companies selling the games offer to make it a little easier on our wallets.

In usual Nintendo fashion, the vouchers went up the day they were announced.

That means that we have all the information we need. Nintendo isn't known for their sales or giving games reasonable prices, so this is new territory.

With such a random, somewhat overlooked shakeup to their sales policies though, let's go over everything that there is to know about the Switch's new voucher system.


Kesten Harris is a published author and freelance writer. He loves the Nintendo Switch more than any human should and owns almost exclusively Batman shirts.