Nintendo Wii U Launch Review: 4 Key Aspects Explored & Reviewed

2. The Apps: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

I've had limited time with all of these apps, but I can only hope there is some updates in the pipeline. With so many devices around the house that have polished versions of all of these apps, using the Wii U's versions of these were a definite step back. Usage of the apps were a bit clunky, as Nintendo/said application developer want you to use the touchscreen. But because the touchscreen is so incredibly sensitive, actions are either delayed or are multiplied without the users intention. In particular, Hulu Plus was the slowest of the interfaces and I eventually just gave up and switched back to my Xbox. After getting past these menus, video streaming worked just like any other system/set top box: smooth without any hiccups. Hopefully, Nintendo can figure out a way to work with these partners as time passes on. Read on for my thoughts on Nintendoland and my overall review verdict.

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