Nintendo's 10 Biggest Blunders And Fails

9. The Virtual Boy

Mario sad

Many of you will not even know of this literal red-headed step child of the Nintendo console catalogue. The Virtual Boy was by all metrics a colossal failure of both execution and fan response.

In 1995, Game Boy developer Gunpei Yokoi had a vision of bringing futuristic space age gaming to the masses. His vision included 3D handheld gaming with gorgeous, well-integrated games that would envelope gamers and transport them in to a fully realised 3D world. Unfortunately, it was 1995 and the current technology just could not support the grand dreams of Gunpei.

The reality of the The Virtual Boy was that it was literally vomit inducing for those unfortunate enough to have actually bought this eyesore. Nintendo's ingenious design brains churned out a pair of goggles on a stand that the player hand to lean on their elbows to play. The console was a literal pain in the neck.

The games were only a shade above the dodgy old LED Tiger games and to facilitate 'virtual reality', the screen was entirely red, giving players migraines and sore eyes.

The console was resoundingly panned and production ceased a year later. Nintendo hung its head in shame and their hot streak of innovation came to an abrupt red tinged halt.


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