No Man's Sky: 20 Craziest Animals & Creatures Discovered So Far

The wacky, the weird and th- what the f**k is that?!

No Man's Sky
Hello Games

10 million species of animal have been discovered within the first day of the No Man's Sky launch according to its director Sean Murray, who must be feeling pretty smug about his eagerly anticipated spacefaring survival sandbox right now.

Using some kind of ingenious algorithm (or witchcraft) Hello Games have filled the No Man's Sky universe with untold quantities of weird and wonderful creatures.

Sure, many of them have that 'Acid trip in the 60s' feel about them, but for the most part they're surprisingly tangible, albeit utterly bizarre.

Even if you already own No Man's Sky and are flying among the stars right as you read this, the universe is so large that there's a good chance you won't ever happen upon creatures discovered by other players.

So, behold the 20 craziest species discovered so far...

20. Psychedelic Floating Squid

No Man's Sky
Hello Games/NeoGAF/Betty

There's a lot of psychedelia going on in NMS - the kind of visuals that vaguely remind you of something you may've dreamed about once. But this floating squid thing with disturbing tendrils emerging from its head looks like a neon version of something from Bloodborne, or a Lovecraft novel for that matter. Creepy.

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