Not Even Geralt Of Rivia Could Get 100% On This The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quiz!

Just how well do you know CD Projekt Red's fantasy masterpiece?

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When it comes to epic fantasy lands, lovers of the genre are spoiled for choice.

There are many beautiful, dangerous and exciting settings for fans to get invested in, such as Middle-Earth, Westeros, Tamriel and more. Still, one particularly incredible fantasy setting has to be the world of The Witcher.

The literary series created by Andrzej Sapkwoski is a story that's rich with culture, lore and action, and has found significant success in many adaptations, with the most notable being Netflix's TV series and the gaming trilogy developed by CD Projekt Red. Many consider the third instalment in that video game trilogy - Wild Hunt - the best of them, thanks to its quality and success.

As a standalone title, it is considered one of the greatest role-playing experiences that a player can go through and doesn't even require you to have played the previous entries. Thanks to this, the game became a massive success, racking up awards, praise and revenue across the board when it released in 2015.

But how well do you remember the game? Come test out your Witcher knowledge and see how much you remember about Geralt, sorceresses, and killing monsters in this quiz!

1. Which Of These Is A Witcher School?


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