OnLive Receives L.A. Noire: Touch Edition

Coming to you via the OnLive cloud streaming service for PC's, Macs TV, and mobile tablets.

Recently OnLive released the L.A.Noire: Touch Edition, coming to you via the OnLive cloud streaming service for PC's, Macs TV, and mobile tablets. Current and future players who own the title will receive a free update enabling touch screen controls. Integrating advanced MotionScan technology, the game succeeds in immersing the player into their world with top-notch performances, and uncovering the truth is the most critical objective. Finding clues will help you once you question or interrogate a person, the more clues you gain is evidence to disprove the liars. With new touch screen controls it has the potential creating an even more engaging experience by giving you greater control in investigating cases. Those of you who have not played the game already, may not understand that the touch edition could be one of the greatest additions to implement into an already amazing detective game. L.A. Noire slaps you down into the middle of a Noir novel. Surrounded by characters you can't help but remember, and intense voice acting the game immerses you even with gameplay on the slower side. With the snap of a finger, the situation may change without warning. A perp runs off after you press him too hard for the truth. As you dash through the building you burst through the backdoor, a chase started in a bar ends in an alleyway shootout. If you don't already own L.A. Noire, and curiosity is calling you, the journey is worth it. You can pick the game up now OnLive for, and download the game on multiple platforms. Source: Gaming Blend
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