Opening Cinematic For StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Is A Handsome Little Package

StarCraft. In fact, I really am in the dark with the series since I seem to be incapable of multitasking in strategy games. A handicap that would translate to something like, "I am not that great with guns" in an FPS. Even so, it is hard to have missed the news that StarCraft II will be an expansion pack called Heart of the Swarm on March 13th. It is almost guaranteed to be one of the biggest gaming releases this year. With that release date growing closer, Blizzard have released the opening cinematic for the expansion which can be seen just here: Even as someone who spends his time watching movies, I think that was surprisingly well put together. It showcased some smart editing decisions and it certainly took its time letting the action unfold in an understandable and compelling way. Something too many action movies avoid nowadays. Top it all off with an interesting little hook at the end...hell, I might even be brave enough to venture into this one. Not that I should be surprised. Blizzard have some stunning opening cinematics in their back catalogue. Now, I am sure it won't be long until I see a 'Top 10 Blizzard Cinematic' article on What Culture soon.

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