Outer Worlds: 11 Disturbing Secrets & Locations You Totally Missed

Silence the voices.

The Outer Worlds
Private Division

The Outer Worlds is finally out, and it's giving players the open world RPG goodness they've been starved of for too long.

It might not be a hundred-hour epic like Fallout or The Elder Scrolls, but Obsidian's game still packs so much into thirty-or-so hours, with the consequences of your choices echoing all across the Halcyon colony.

The main quest sees your unfrozen explorer travel from planet to planet in an attempt to save the rest of The Hope's inhabitants, but that quickly takes a back seat to your own curiosity and the host of different people, robots and alien creatures you bump into while adventuring across these strange lands.

While a lot of these extra missions and secrets strike the same humorous, capitalistic chord the game revels in, there's plenty of horrifying, unnerving moments to find that would be right at home in a Fallout game. The Outer Worlds might not chronicle the horror of post-apocalyptic living, but that doesn't mean things don't get just as dark.


-- SPOILERS within --


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