Overwatch: 20 Essential Legendary Skins You Must Unlock

Richard the Reinhardt, anyone?


Before I dive into the matter of which legendary skins look absolutely phenomenal - itself a pretty hard task considering just how many awesome ones there are - I do have to get the essential 'OVERWATCH IS AMAZING' part of the article out of the way.

Because, yeah, Overwatch is amazing. Not only has it brought back intricate team-based gameplay to the forefront of online multiplayer, it's managed to create a captivating IP with an immersive lore and a passionate community, something most franchises strive for years to achieve. Indeed, it's fairly remarkable that Blizzard have managed to launch a new franchise so effortlessly, especially one that bucks the trends of multiplayer shooters of the past generation. It's a cultural milestone of the medium, reflected by its incredibly well-deserved critical and commercial reception. You really are missing out if you haven't played it.

Right, with that aggrandising piece of prose out of the way, now for the skins, of which the title possesses in plentiful amounts. Some offer up just simple colour changes to the default outfits of Overwatch's 21 heroes, but the 'epic' and 'legendary' outfits that, admittedly, take a lot of work to unlock, reimagine these characters completely.

You equip one of these things and not only does it make your character look the sh*t, everyone in the lobby immediately knows you're to be taken seriously; a veteran of countless games there to carry your team to victory.

Well, you could actually be really awful at the game, but at least you'll be able to die fabulously?

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