PES: 15 Most Legendary Fake Player Names

We All Love Ryan Greggs, Right?

PES Roberto Carlos

Pro Evolution Soccer (or PES for short) was once a viable alternative to EA Sports' FIFA franchise but now that's no more. The likes of PES 6 live long in the memory of fans, some of whom regard it as the best football game ever.

Despite this, PES always looked likely to fall behind and become inferior to FIFA. You see, it was always playing catch-up to the EA Sports franchise. Perhaps the main reason for this was licencing issues. FIFA had exclusives rights to many teams and players, something they still have to this day. Although PES has managed to secure licenses in recent times they still have no where near the amount FIFA does.

So what did PES do to get around these issues you may ask ? Simple, they just made up their own player and team names not at all based on the real thing. Often with huilarious results...

15. Durlmints

PES Roberto Carlos
Matthew Ashton/EMPICS Sport

We start with legendary Liverpool forward Durlmints...

Believe it or not this was the name given to former Liverpool player and manager Kenny Dalglish. Sounds like an alternative to Tic-Tacs to be honest.

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