PES 2021: 6 Early Rumours You Need To Know

PES 2021 aims to be the ultimate football gaming experience, rumoured billionaire takeover and all.


It's hard not to use a cliche when describing the "rivalry" between PES and FIFA. Since 2009, the story has been the same. The once great PES, trying to bring back the glory days VS. The FIFA juggernaut, who came from behind to take the crown. Each year PES "comes closer" to recapturing the successes of days gone by, but an ever-evolving FIFA comfortably kept its spot at the top.

We became so used to this narrative, that we didn't see the inevitable coming. PES 2020 beat FIFA 20. On the pitch, PES played like football, while FIFA played like every FIFA after 17. The magic was back, for real this time. All the hard work had finally paid off.

EA didn't help matters for themselves with gaffs like the "rock-paper-scissors" debacle at the FUT 20 Champions Cup qualifiers. It only gave players the shove they needed to jump ship. And if the internet is anything to go by, many of those gamers are planning to stay with PES.

Never before had there been such anticipation for a new PES game. Momentum is on Konami's side and if the rumours are to be believed, 2021 may just be the year where football gaming comes home.

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